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About Camp Wolverton

Camp Wolverton was a Boy Scout camp located in Sequoia National Park, California, at an elevation of 7200 feet. The Camp was about two miles from the former Giant Forest Village and three miles from Lodgepole Campground and Visitor’s Center.

After retiring it's formal summer camp program in 1975, Wolverton became a primitive base camp in the shadows of beautiful red fir trees, some of which are probably 250 to 300 years old. The older and larger Sequoia trees are only a few miles away in Giant Forest. There was no electricity in Camp; the only luxury being hot showers.

Each campsite used by scouters and their families contained a picnic table, water, fire barrel, trash can and a latrine. In the camp's later years, most troops used Wolverton as a base camp prior to leaving on a long-term hike into the High Sierra. These troops usually spent only a night or two in Camp. Other troops spent an entire week at Camp and set up their own “summer camp” program.

There were many in-Camp opportunities, short day hikes and Park Service activities available.

Camp Wolverton staff and friends now meet for yearly reunions at Camp Whitsett, BSA, in the southern Sierra Nevada where they support the Wolverton-Robbins Nature Education Center.