Frank Walsh

Mike Robbins had asked me a number of times about photos and info about my father's scouting days. As you may know Frank was very active from the 50's through the 80's and held such positions as District Commisioner, Camping Chairman, and Camp Director at both Wolverton and Emerald Bay. His many awards included the Silver Beaver and the St. George Cross - both of which are kept in a display cabinet in my den. He is well remembered by at least two generations of scouts for campfire tales of his youth in the
South African and Rhodesian bush.

I wasn't able to locate many decent scouting photos as those were taken during the pre-digital box camera years. I do have quite a few photo album shots from his early African experiences plus his Hollywood days in the 30's when he was associated with such British movie celebrities as Boris Karloff, David Niven, and Victor McGlaglen.

I've attached a family photo of Frank that was probably taken in the 1970's time frame.

Mike Walsh, June 5, 2013