Wolverton-Robbins Nature Education Program


The 73-years of Camp Wolverton traditions and experiences, and the 72-year legacy of Mike Robbins will not be just memories.  They will benefit the Scouts of tomorrow.   We are in the process of working with the Western Los Angeles County Council to transform the existing, underused, undeveloped, and outdated nature center at Camp Whitsett into a facility full of life and energy where Scouts will want to gather, learn, and have fun.  The new “Wolverton-Robbins Nature Education Program” at Camp Whitsett will include “Centers of Excellence” packed with interesting information including Astronomy, Nature Studies, Living History (including the history of Camp Wolverton), and Environmental Science.  It will be an introduction to the incredible natural environment of the Southern Sierra and so much more.  This new program will be up and running for the summer of 2013.  Scouts will be able to interact with new displays, earn merit badges, etc.