Sounds of Wolverton

Live at Camp Wolverton!
by Mike Robbins

During the summer of 1966, I used a small, battery-operated, reel-to-reel, tape recorder to record some of the sounds of the Wolverton campfires and Order Of The Arrow ceremonies. The tiny, two-inch reels of tape, recorded at 1-7/8 inches-per-second, languished at the back of a cabinet for many years. Eventually, I spliced them all together and put them back into the cabinet. This year, while packing the contents of the cabinet into cartons, I again discovered the tapes. I sent the tapes to Frank Glick, the staff historian, who had them copied to an audio CD. Using the CD duplicator at work, I have made a few copies. I listened to the CD while driving to and from work. The quality is poor, the singing is bad, but, if you were at Wolverton during the sixties, hearing Tim Stubbs playing both guitar and harmonica on “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” and Doug Pollock as Alawat Sakima, should bring back many happy memories. On June 23rd, 2001, some of the same people, plus wives and children, sang those same songs around the Wolverton campfire circle. The quality was poor, the singing was bad, but we had a grand time! We did, however, do a reasonable job on the Wolverton Hymn.

4 July 2001

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