Camp Wolverton Camp Masters
Updated by Mike Robbins on 8/3/2010

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9 0 0
9 0 1
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Alcantar Gerald                                                      
Betts Tom                                                      
Brice Art and Kerry                                                      
Buckingham Margie                                                      
Claybaugh Mary and Bob                                                      
Cunningham Ed                                                      
Daniels John                                                      
Doose Paul Jr.                                                      
Ellis Bill and Kathy                                                      
Federoff Ed                                                      
Glick Frank                                                      
Gordon Doug                                                      
Hill Dave and Karen                                                      
Hill Steve and Kristian                                                      
Hosher Connie                                                      
Ishida Chris                                                      
Jordan Paul                                                      
Low Deborah                                                      
Lynch Patrick                                                      
Lynch Rogan                                                      
Marquez Art                                                      
Melekian Barney                                                      
Motch Greg                                                      
Plauzoles Lucien                                                      
Pollock Doug                                                      
Quintero Armando and Brigid                                                      
Robbins Mike and Louise                                                      
Sandbakken Tom                                                      
Smith Mike and Lisa                                                      
Solow Brianand Sharon                                                      
Stekel Peter                                                      
Stowell Rich and Robin                                                      
Sueda Dale and Nancy                                                      
Taylor John and Delia                                                      
1. Some of the people listed above shared their week with others listed above.
2. Some of the people listed above spent more than one week during the same summer.
3. Some of the people listed above made other/additional significant contributions to the Camp besides working in the Camp Master Program.
4. Dick Jackson, a council employee, took care of the Camp during the summers of 1976 and 1977. He was assisted by Brian Lambeth.
5. Rich and Margaret Stowell took care of the Camp every summer from 1978 through 1987, with the assistance of Staff such as Mike and Lisa Smith, Art Marquez, Peter Stekel, and Mike Robbins.
6. The “Wolverton Caretaker” program, later called the “Camp Master Program,” began in the summer of 1988 by Rich Stowell asking for others to be in Camp when he and Margaret wouild be away.
7. In addition to the Camp Master Program, many of the people listed above, and others too, donated their time and effort during the work party/family encampments which have taken place over a long weekend in June each summer since the first one on June 13-14, 1987.
8. Also, many of the people listed above, and others too, go back to Camp at the end of each summer to close the Camp for the winter.