Paul Henry Weiss

25 Feb 1906, Kankakee, Illinois - 12 Feb 1990, Los Angeles, California

Paul was a truck driver - bootleg liquor during Prohibition in the 1920's,

 - Boy Scouts in 1940's,

 - camp supplies in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's.

A builder, carpenter and plumber

 - from the camp lodge to the shower house and the latrines.

A Scoutmaster in the Beverly Hills District.

A stock clerk at Smart and Final in Wilmington, California in 1930.

The keeper of the Wolverton Hymn - don't get it wrong!

The Camp Ranger for both Camp Josepho and Camp Wolverton.

A loving husband to Helen for over 60 years.

Father of three children; Dorothy, Paul Junior and Dick.

A listener, an advisor, a mentor and a friend.