1946 Crescent Bay Council Summer Camp Brochure

NOTE: The text is original and complete. It has been reformatted for easy reading. Brochure courtesy Jeff Morley.


In the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains, in wooded Rustic Canyon, Camp Josepho beckons Southern California Scouts to a summer vacation of adventure, work and play‚ where the traditions of fun, sportsmanship, teamwork and fellowship are the "Scouting Way."


Camp Facilities include 26 developed natural campsites; main lodge, housing mess hall, kitchens, nature room, indoor campfire site, library, camp office and staff quarters, handcraft lodge, camp store, outdoor pool with filter plant and bath houses, hospital, parade grounds, athletic field, rifle range, archery range, large outdoor rustic campfire site and wooded mountainside church.

Camp Membership: Any registered Scout is eligible to attend provided he has the approval of his parents and Scoutmaster.

The Camp Tribes: While in camp, all Scouts are divided into eight Indian tribes and carry on their camp activities under the leadership of a Junior Scoutmaster and regular Troop Officers.

Waterfront Activities: In addition to the regular recreational swim periods, classes are offered in beginner, intermediate and advanced swimming. Special events include water polo, swim meets and water carnivals.

Sports: Daily competitive inter-troop games feature baseball, volleyball, treasure hunts, cross-country scavenger hunts. Scout circuses, and Sunday field meets.

Handicraft: Scout skills in leathercraft, woodcarving, basketry and archery equipment-building are offered daily.

Sunday Services: A general fellowship service is held Sunday mornings for all denominations. Special Mass for Catholic Scouts.

Hiking and Nature: Regular Troop and Camp hikes are conducted daily under careful supervision. The nature counselors lead special before-breakfast and after-taps nature hikes and conduct classes in various phases of naturecraft.

Marksmanship: The camp rifle range is open for the use of qualified Scouts, and is run under expert supervision. Classes in archery are also held.

Evening Activities: Campfires feature songs, games and stories. Alternate nights call for wide games, moonlight hikes, moving pictures, etc.


CAMP EMERALD BAY, on Catalina Island, where thousands of Scouts have enjoyed wonderful swimming and boating in the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, and where adventure is waiting for every Scout.

CAMP MEMBERSHIP is open to any registered Scout of the Crescent Bay Council who has received his Second Class rank, or is of higher rank, and has the approval of his parents and Scoutmaster. This Camp will be on a Patrol basis of 10 Scouts to a Patrol. As far as possible, a Troop will send Scouts in Patrols of ten each, including an older boy as the Patrol Leader. Except for the first period, this leader will go to Camp a period early as a guest of the Council.

WATERFRONT ACTIVITIES will include swimming, rowing, canoeing, sailing, and shallow water diving, all under the best supervision and instruction obtainable.

A SENIOR SCOUT CAMP will be held the sixth period, and will include all kinds of Senior Scout activities and instruction. Limited to Scouts 15 years of age or over.

OVERNIGHT TRIPS both by water and by land will be held each period to such places as Empires Landing, Lost Mine, Silver Peak and Smuggler's Cave.


Crescent Bay Council's High Sierra Camp

Located in Sequoia National Park, in the heart of the big tree country, this camp is prepared this summer to offer the troops of our council another unforgetable camping experience.

For the more seasoned troops, we are offering challenging experiences in packing to some of the back country lakes for a part of their 10 day period in camp in addition to a fine program of activities at Wolverton.

Your troop is new? Inexperienced campers? By starting your planning now you can still take them to Wolverton this summer and they can have a wonderful time. We will be glad to help you make your plans

How You Can Go

Troops must go as units and must have an adult leader with them. It is preferred that the Scoutmaster make the trip with the boys but if this is not possible it is acceptable to have an adult (over 21) as a substitute. It is possible for two troops to join together for the trip, but the total number must be 25 or less.

Help from the Staff

It is planned that the members of the Wolverton staff shall meet with the Scoutmasters, Senior Patrol Leaders and Patrol Leaders of the troops planning a Wolverton experience just as soon as possible for a brief training and orientation period. The staff will have information ready for you on menu planning, equipment which you will need to make the 10 day camp successful and helpful suggestions on a camp program. One member of the staff will be assigned to your troop while you and your boys are in camp. He is there only to help you, and will be a trained packer who can take your troop on a three or four day "Troop Trek" into the back country.

Menu and Food Planning

This will be the biggest item in your budget, but with planning and study it can be accomplished at a minimum cost to each boy. The troop purchases its own food and should plan to bring all staple foods to camp. We can secure fresh meat, milk and vegetables for you three times a week provided we have an order list in advance of your stay in camp.

Facilities Available

Fireplaces for cooking either on a troop or a patrol basis.

Rowboat and canoe on the lake adjacent to camp. We will use the pool at Lodgepole Camp for swimming.

Storage room in headquarters cabin for food, and iceboxes for perishable foods.

Sodapop and candy in the camp store in addition to handicraft materials that can be made readily with tools available.

Provision is made this year for hot showers. Troops must heat their own water by building a fire under the 100 gallon storage tank.

Sports equipment such as volleyballs and footballs.

Demonstration areas will be set up in camp to help your Scouts with rope work and pioneering, nature, firebuilding, cooking and other camp skills.

Don't forget the natural advantages the camp offers you. Campfire programs in the evenings, with reflection of the dancing flames tracing weird patterns on the tall pines and fire . . . hikes through the forest of Sequoia giants to such places of interest as Crescent Meadow, Tharps Log, Morro Rock, Sunset Rock, the feeding pens of the bears, and Huckleberry Meadow . . . the home of the unusual meat eating Sunrose plant.

Back Country Pack Trips

Plan to take a "Troop Sierra Trek" to one of the beautiful lakes located within a 10 mile radius of the camp. At a charge of $2.00 a day or less we will be able to provide your troop with a pack animal which will carry a large share of the food for a three or four day camp at one of the lakes. Use the same menu that you have planned for the regular camp area.

Your Scouts should have pack frames or a COMFORTABLE means of carrying their bedrolls and personal equipment. Be SURE that they have some heavy shoes‚ NOT LOW SHOES‚ and some heavy wool socks.

Equipment Necessary

Here is a list of essential equipment for each boy to have a comfortable experience at Wolverton, particularly if he is going to make one of the "Treks."

Sleeping Bag or Bed Roll
Pack Frame
Tent or Shelter Half (preferred but not essential)
Eating Utensils (Plate, Cup, Knife, Fork and Spoon, or
Scout Cook Kit)
Flashlight and Knife
Swimming Trunks
Scout Uniform
Toilet Articles and Underclothes
Warm Jacket or Coat
Heavy Shoes or Boots
Moccasins or Sneakers


Here is the hiking thrill that your older boys have been waiting for. A 10 day pack trip across the roof of the High Sierras . . . right to the top of Mt. Whitney.

Who Can Go
Any registered Scout who is 14½ years of age now or will be that age by August 1, 1946, who is First Class and who holds Merit Badges in Cooking and First Aid, is eligible to make the trip.

Senior Scout Units may reserve an entire trip, provided there are at least 15 boys in the group. Scouters are also encouraged to make this trip with their boys. Feel tough?

What It Costs
Total cost will be $18.00 per boy. This will cover transportation in the Council truck bothways, food, the cost of the pack animals and a very careful physical examination for each boy before he makes the trip.

Each of the trips will be led by either Alden Barber, Camp Director at Wolverton or John Ehrlichman. Assistant Camp Director. Both have had experience as High Sierra campers and packers.

All young men making the trip will be required to attend at least two training sessions. One of these will be an orientation meeting at Scout Headquarters and the second will be a week-end in the mountains, where the gang will have a chance to test equipment and practice cooking and camping techniques.


July 1 - July 12
July 11 - July 22
July 21 - Aug. 1
July 31 - Aug. 11

The Route We Take
The trip will follow the High Sierra Trail which runs from Sequoia National Park, starting at Giant Forest, straight across the Sierras to the top of Mt. Whitney and down into the Owens Valley at Lone Pine. The trail passes through some of the most wild and beautiful country in all the Sierras, including the box canyon of the Kern River, Big Arroyo, Eagle Scout Peak, Hamilton Lakes, Crabtree Meadow, Army Pass, Big Whitney Meadows and Horseshoe Meadows.

How to Register

If your Scoutmaster does not have applications on hand, there are plenty available at Scout Headquarters, 1130 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica.



1st Period: July 1 to July 11
2nd Period: July 11 to July 20
3rd Period: July 20 to July 29
4th Period: Aug. 3 to Aug. 12
5th Period: Aug. 12 to Aug. 21
6th Period: Aug. 21 to Aug. 30

$15.00 is the total cost for each boy for one period. This includes all meals and transportation. A $5.00 deposit is required to reserve a place for a boy in whatever period he desires to attend. The balance must be paid 10 days prior to leaving for Camp. The $5.00 is not refundable, unless reservation is cancelled at least 15 days prior to opening day.


1st Period: July 3 to July 13
2nd Period: July 13 to July 22
3rd Period: July 22 to July 31
4th Period: July 31 to Aug. 9
5th Period: Aug. 9 to Aug. 19
6th Period: Aug. 19 to Aug. 28

The cost will be $15.00 per period plus the cost of transportation from Santa Monica Camp. A $5.00 deposit is required to reserve a place for a boy in whatever period he desires to attend. The balance must be paid 10 days prior to leaving for Camp. The $5.00 is not refundable, unless reservation is cancelled at least 15 days prior to opening day. Reservations should be made through your Scoutmaster.


June 29 to July 9
July 5 to July 15
July 8 to July 18
July 14 to July 24
July 17 to July 27
July 23 to Aug. 2
July 26 to Aug. 5
Aug. 1 to Aug. 11
Aug. 4 to Aug. 14
Aug. 10 to Aug. 20
Aug. 13 to Aug. 23
Aug. 19 to Aug. 29
Aug. 22 to Sept. 1

The Council is prepared to offer round trip transportation to Wolverton at a cost of $50.00, regardless of the number of boys. Camp fee which covers the services of the Staff, use of the waterfront equipment and other camp facilities is $1.00 per boy per 10 day period. One-half of transportation fee must be paid at time of reservation plus boys fees. The balance to be paid at least 10 days prior to opening of period. Confirmation of Troop reservations already made should be sent to Scout Headquarters at once.


July 1 to July 12
July 11 to July 22
July 21 to Aug. 1
July 31 to Aug. 11

Total cost will be $18.00 per boy. This will cover transportation, food and pack animals.


Bob Pope, who was Health and Safety Director last year, will be the Camp Director this year. He is a member at the Headquarters Staff, servicing the Beverly Hills and Westwood Districts. Scouts will be assured a wonderful time under his capable leadership.

Al Miller, who has been on the Camp Josepho Staff for five years and was Director for two years, has been transferred to Emerald Bay for 1946. Having been on the Emerald Bay Staff several summers before the War, Scouts can expect a full program of fun.

Alden Barber has just returned from the Air Corps, to the Headquarters Staff. He has served on the Josepho Staff for two years, one year as Director. He was Director at Wolverton one year, and has taken many Pack trips across the Sierras. Many adventures are in store for those Scouts who camp at Wolverton or take the Sierra Pack trip.


The drums that for four years have sounded in the hills of Rustic Canyon calling Arrow Men‚ and camp leaders‚ will be heard this year in not one but three camps.

Camp Josepho, the West Point of Scouting, will still be the home of the Tamet Lodge of the Order of the Arrow, but chapters of the lodge will be formed at Camp Wolverton in the High Sierras and at Camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island.

The same wonderful traditions that are a part of the camp program of the Arrow Men at Josepho will become a part of the camp programs at Wolverton and Emerald Bay.

A camper must hear the challenge of the Great Chief and successfully heed that challenge before his fellow campers choose him for membership in the Arrow. This has always been true at Josepho and it will be perhaps even tougher for a young man to prove his qualifications to his fellow campers at Emerald Bay and in the High Sierras. In many cases the Scout will be on his own to demonstrate his ability in hiking, camping, cooking, swimming or leading a campfire.

The three camps this summer offer a real challenge through the Order of the Arrow to the young men of the Crescent Bay Council who are anxious to assume leadership capacities in future years at the council camps.

What about you? Can you make the grade?