Mike Schiff

Wolverton flagpole plaque

Mike Schiff’s brother, Stephen, and his wife came to Camp the summer of 2005 during Frank’s campmaster week. They were surprised to see that we still had the old plaque on our flag pole. Since the family wanted the plaque, Frank allowed them take it. Stephen Schiff worked on Camp staff in 1956.

They also sent a copy of the newspaper article telling about the accident.

Here is the letter sent to Frank.

Dear Frank,

It was a pleasure meeting you last summer at camp Wolverton. I am the brother of the boy that died in the accident in 1959. I also was on camp staff in 1956.

I told you I would get a copy of the newspaper article of my brother’s accident. I am sorry it (took) so long. I couldn’t find my copy so I had to get a copy from my brother who travels full time in his RV and only goes home 1 or 2 times a year.

Enclosed is a copy of the article and a new placard for the flagpole.

Thanks for the work you do for the scouts.

Stephen Schiff