Camp Wolverton Patches
From the collection of Frank Glick


1969 The 1969 patch also commemorated the 30th anniversary (even though it was really the 31st summer) by including the dates 1939 and 1969.


1970 The 1970 patch went back to containing no date. This was the only patch with “High Sierra” embroidered in green on the brown mountains.


1971 This patch looked just like the 1970 patch except it had the “High Sierra” embroidered in white again. There were several hundred of these patches left over at the end of the 1971 summer, and they were issued again (sold at the Camp) occasionally over the next 10 years or so when other patches were not available.


1972-73 A new design was started in 1972. It was called the “pig-bear” by some of the staff. This patch has a light blue background.


1974 This patch was a re-order of the 1972-73 patch but it came out of the factory with a medium blue background. Also, the brown mountain and brown in the bear is slightly darker than the previous patch.


1975 This year used the same design as the 1972 to 1974 patches, but the background was changed to pale blue and the border was changed to dark blue.