Camp Wolverton Patches
From the collection of Frank Glick


1976 This patch was similar to the last 4 years except the “Mountain Men” lettering across the bottom of the patch was replaced with “Great Western Council.” This was the last year for the “pig-bear” design.


1977-79 This was the beginning of a new design that showed a full bear in side profile. The camp was called “Wolverton BSA” across the top of the patch, and “Sierra Mountain Men” was on the bottom of the patch. This patch was the first to be embroidered on felt (medium brown color) with an orange border, instead of embroidered on cotton twill material. This patch was used for about 3 summers.


1980-83 It was about 1980 that the 1977 patch was re-ordered, still with an orange border. It was almost the same except that the felt background color was a lighter brown. This patch was used for about 4 more years.


1984-85 This patch was similar in design as the previous 7 years, but it had a white border and the “Mountain Men” was replaced with “Mountaineers” at the request of Margaret Stowell to respect the fact that women also used and worked at the camp. This patch has a cloth back. Note that the brown mountain is vertically stitched.


1986-87 This patch was a re-order of the previous patch. It is almost identical except this patch has clear plastic on the backside of the patch. Note that the brown mountain is vertically stitched.


1988 A special design was created for the 1988 patch to commemorate the 50th summer of Camp Wolverton. The years 1939 and 1988 are on this rectangle patch. Also, this was the first time the council name “Western L.A. County Council” was put on a Wolverton patch.


1989-97 There were no new patches designed or made during the years 1989 through 1997.  Leftover patches from the 1986-87 years were sold at the camp until they ran out about 1994.  There were no patches sold at camp again until the summer of 1998.