Camp Wolverton Patches
From the collection of Frank Glick


1962 This was the first year of the new bear-face and mountain background design. Lettering was embroidered in white and green. The patch had a brown border in 1962.


1963-64 This patch was the same design as used in 1962, except with a red border instead of brown, and with all white lettering.


1965 A new phrase appeared on the (undated) 1965 patch; it was “Mountain Men.”  This phrase indicated that Boy Scouts became Mountain Men after a week at camp. Also, this patch reflected the beginning of an era when the camp was just called “Wolverton”, not “Camp Wolverton.” The 1965 patch had a red border and green lettering “Wolverton Mountain Men.”


1966 This was the same design as 1965 except it had an orange border instead of a red border. Also, this was the first year there was a segment patch which could be earned for hiking the “Twin Lakes Trail.”


1967 This was the same design as the 1966 patch except the words “Mountain Men” were embroidered in white instead of green. The “Twin Lakes Trail” segment patch was available again this summer.


1968 This year marked the 30th summer of Camp Wolverton. The camp patch included the dates 1939 and 1968. There are two slight varieties of this patch with the color green for the words “Camp Wolverton”. This was the last summer the segment could be earned for hiking the “Twin Lakes Trail.”