Camp Wolverton Patches
From the collection of Frank Glick


1956 This year went back to the gold color cotton twill, and was the first year the camp patch had a “rolled edge.” It was also the last year the patch had a date until 1968.


1957 This was the first time the council name was included on the gold camp patch. There was no date; all lettering was embroidered in red. It is possible that some of these patches were left over and used again in the first part of the summer of 1958.


1958 This gold patch was very similar to the 1957 patch except that the council name was embroidered in black threads. There was a “camper 1958” segment and a “good camper 1958” segment available to those Scouts who earned them while in camp. This was the last year for the “Hamms Bear totem” in the center of the patch. The “Camper” and "Good Camper" segment idea had been used for a few years at Camp Emerald Bay before coming to Wolverton.


1959-60 A new design was started in 1959. It matched a similar design used at Camp Emerald Bay. The bear head was reduced in size and put into a small gold circle at the lower right side of the patch. “Camper” and “Good Camper” segments were available for 1959 and 1960.


1960-61 This was a re-order of the 1959-60 patch. This new patch was probably used for most of the summer of 1960 and then into 1961. This patch is much more common to find than the first issue from 1959-60. The 1960-61 patch is a slightly darker blue color and the background twill material is slightly different. Also, the trees on the 1960-61 patch are bigger than the earlier patch. “Camper” and “Good Camper” segments were available for 1960 and 1961.