Camp Wolverton Patches
From the collection of Frank Glick


1952 This is the last year of the felt patches. The design on this year's patch is a little different in that there are two distinct jags at the bottom of the bear's neck. The patches are the regular 3 inches diameter, and they are heavily flocked. There are gold, white, and blue patches, all with canvas backing.

1952 gold

1952 blue

1953 This year is unique because the old design from the felt patches was inked onto a canvas/twill material instead of felt. Also, this year used only red ink while the previous felt patches used both red and black inks. There are gold and blue canvas patches known to exist. It is unknown if a white canvas patch was made or if left over white felt patches were used in 1953.

1953 gold

1953 blue

1954 This is the first year that a Camp Wolverton patch was embroidered on (gold) cotton twill. It is also the first year that there were no longer three colors of patches to signify camp-veteran status. And, this year started a three-year run of patches with the year on the patch. A matching gold staff segment (also known as a “rocker”) patch was issued for the camp staff.


1955 This was a dated white patch (instead of the traditional gold patch). A matching white staff segment patch was issued for the camp staff.