Hiking and Trail Patches Related to Camp Wolverton
From the collection of Frank Glick


Silver Cloud - The "Silver Cloud" hike was initiated in 1967 but the first patch was issued in 1972.  That hike was similar to the Silver Bearpaw, except that instead of hiking through Deadmans Canyon, the hike went further by hiking through Cloud Canyon and incorporated a good deal of cross country travel.


Wolverton Trails and Wolverton Hiking Boot - The "Wolverton Trails" patch and the "Wolverton Hiking Boot" patch were issued starting in 1972. These patches were earned by Scouts who participated in various hiking trips while at summer camp in the 1972 to 1974 period.

Additional Trail Patches - The National Council as well as several local councils also issued patches for hiking trips that started or ended very close to Camp Wolverton. Often the Scouts would stay at Wolverton before or after such a trip. Hiking trips such as these with patches included the "50-Miler," the "High Sierra Trail," and "Giant Forest to Mineral King."