Hiking and Trail Patches Related to Camp Wolverton
From the collection of Frank Glick


Introduction - Hiking has always been a favorite activity starting at Camp Wolverton.  There have been many patches to commemorate the hikes.  The following section is focused on the hiking and trail patches that are related to Camp Wolverton.

Wolverton to Whitney - Hiking between Wolverton and the top of Mount Whitney is certainly the most challenging of them all.  Such a trip could take one to two weeks to complete.  Some trips were sponsored by the Crescent Bay Area Council as early as 1941, and other trips were conducted by individual troops.  Examples of those patches are shown here.  Note that the early trips (1940s and 1950s) for the 14,496 Club and 14,495 Club were from Wolverton to Whitney, but later square embroidered patches were issued for just climbing Mt. Whitney from the east side of the Sierra.

1941 white round felt patch

1942 green rectangular felt patch
provided by Jeff Morley


Date uncertain - white round felt patch (14,496)

Date uncertain - Felt Patch
provided by Jeff Morley

1966 Felt Patch

Embroidered Patch

Embroidered Patch