Camp Wolverton Staff Jackets
From the collection of Frank Glick


1950 Jacket - This photo shows a jacket from approximately 1950 with a white, felt, Wolverton patch. This jacket may have belonged to Scout Executive Bill Kenny.

1953 Jacket - This green staff jacket has the 1953 Camp Wolverton patch on it.

Early 1960’s Jackets - Although there were some nylon jackets before 1961, 1960 was the last year in which cotton poplin jackets were used. The 1961 and 1963 jackets were green, the 1962 and 1964 were blue and the 1965 was red. All jackets after 1965 were blue.

1967 Jacket - This undated staff jacket has a 1967 patch sewn to it. The Council stopped putting dates on the jackets so that they could be used in multiple summers.