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These copies of my articles are available for viewing in the original journals where they first appeared.

The Last Season, book review

- from Ranger.


The Mountain Yellow-legged Frog is Recovering in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

- from Yosemite Nature Notes.


With Recovery Efforts Underway, Danger Still

Exists for the Frogs

- from Yosemite Nature Notes


Touching Deer

- from Yosemite Nature Notes


Access is limited: paddlers must unite to protect public put-in and take-outs

- from Canoe&Kayak.


Info on The Flower Lover - a mystery novel by Peter Stekel

- from Sisters in Crime


Readings by Peter Stekel

- from The Stranger.


Chief Seattle - what did the famous Indian really say?

- originally published in Old West

Kathleen Elsey Plein Air Painter: News

- from The Kirkland Courier:

Kindler Seeks to Nourish Through Her Art

- from The Kirkland Courier - Local web site provides gateway to community

- from The Kirkland Courier

Methow? And How! Skiing in eastern Washington's Methow Valley

- from GORP

Museum Ballooning in New Mexico

- from Balloon Life

Searching for Grass in a Magic Valley

- from High Country News

Second Skin - Lizards in my Bed;

- from High Country News

Double Eagle II - 20th anniversary of famous flight across Atlantic Ocean

- from Balloon Life

Ed Yost - Interview with pioneering balloonist and balloon designer

- from Balloon Life

Transglobal Attempts - History of attempts to cross the Atlantic Ocean by hot air balloon

- from Balloon Life

Don Piccard - 50 Years of Ballooning Memories with America's premier balloonist

-from Balloon Life

Booze Law Blows Balloonists Away

- from Balloon Life


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