suitable for children in grades six through eight

Who cares about the environment, imagination, and role models anymore? Well, lots of people do but most of them don't seem to be of voting age. When I worked as a teacher, and later as a school administrator, it was a delight to see that children were concerned about the world their parents would deed them. These kids were constantly involved in searching for environmental role models to emulate.

That experience was the germinal idea for, INLAND. This is the story of Frank and Joe, two boys who explore a strange underground world in search of their cat, Bougainvillaea. Along the way they encounter a different culture; one that thrives upon onions. The people of INLAND are rewarded by their society with verbal praise. Praise makes people grow in stature. Seeing this as a way to rule over his fellow INLANDERS, the Big Cheese encourages his friends to give him praise until he is of big enough stature that he takes over. Frank and Joe save the day when they are able to cut the Big Cheese down to size.

 The complete manuscript [75 pages] for INLAND is available for you to read in PDF format.

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